Monday, 10 August 2015

Closing Party and Fundraiser

Last night we had a party for the closing of the Rough Art Show, and to raise a few dollars to help support Rough Edges. We held a raffle after some poetry and music, and made a couple more sales. We'll announce how much we made for Rough Edges in the next few days

Thanks to everyone who performed, Sabrina Showell and Torquemada Poet for their poetry, Andy Biggs, Mariana, and Donna Cain sang accompanied by Stephen Corry's clarinet and Torq on guitar. Apologies to anyone I've forgotten to list.

Thanks also to everyone who helped last night and through the show, especially Grace Woods and Tamara Muzikants for their great work finding and organising the artists, and generally organising the exhibition.
Thanks also to Kristy for her work on the show, and last night, to Stephen Corry for wiring up the place and assisting with hanging, to Sabrina for lending her PA, to Skater Dave for helping put together the food, and to Penny, Wayne and the Rough Edges community

Teresa, Chas and Sabrina

Chas Teresa

Donna Cain and Mariana with John O'Driscoll gesticulating to David Wolf


Grace and friends

exhibition crowd

Grace, Mariana, Donna and Sabrina

Grace presents  ... Tina Cheong's "Flower with bird"

 Kristy an the crew

in the corner.

Sabrina reads


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