Thursday, 23 July 2015

Who am I what am I

mixed media and poetry on card

We must stay alive
We have to get through this
Now you are so close to me
Your molecules have freed me
We share them in the invisible plane
Technology brings us back
Together again and again
You run in the night
The air is pure and bright
The moon and stars
Are reflected in your eyes
I cannot believe you are mine
Take a trip and write love in the sky
Wrap it around the bridge
Like you wrap around me with your thighs

We are just molecules
Flying the Earth
With alien dna
Feeding our thirst
We enjoy this world
Washing our brains
Like our curls
Energy through both of us
Finding ourselves
Finding my energy in you
No outlines just hues

And the beating of drums
Like my heArt it comes
Alive again
Today is the next day
Of my heart will say
Yes time is no time delay

Know my molecules and
All my truths

Free are we knowing
We belong in the ocean
We are the ocean of energy
Ignorance is no longer
Because we know
What I am
People of love we are
People of love
Stay in love and I will be free

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