Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Press Release

Rough Art

Rough Edges invites you to an exhibition of the art of Kings Cross from July 24 to August 9. See art and life though the eyes of Rough Edges' clients, and the power of community to transcend marginalisation

Rough Art is eclectic, made by diverse people, by turns gentle, and in your face, subtle, then like a sledgehammer. Rough Art is a work in progress, a step on a journey. Rough art is community art, open to all, from hobbyists to professional artists, and people who just want to have a go

See how reality is more complex than the stereotypes suggest, learn about Kings Cross and the Rough Edges community in the stories its characters tell, through the work and their words in the catalogue, and maybe meet them in person

To get involved get an entry form at Rough Edges or download it at http://rough-art.blogspot.com/2015/05/forms-and-flyers.html, or provide the information via email. Feel free Artwork must be delivered on Friday 17 July or Tuesday 22 July between 11am and 2pm. There will be a 25% commission to pay for the costs of the show and support Rough Edges. The exhibition organisers are volunteers

The exhibition begins on Friday 24 July and runs to Sunday 9 August, at Rough Edges regular opening hours, or by arrangement. There will be an opening with non-alcoholic refreshments on Sunday 26 July from 5-7pm and the closing is Sunday 9 August from 5 - 7pm.

The exhibition blog is at https://rough-art.blogspot.com/. Follow #roughart on Twitter and https://www.facebook.com/events/424557801038978/ on facebook

For more information email borisroughedge@gmail.com or call John O'Driscoll on 0401296478

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